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ird registration

	Hi folks,

I`m in the middle of writing an IRC client but have been halted in 
development by odd behaviour of the Debian ircd package.
Ircd is installed as per default. This should be no ident and anyone
can connect.

According to the rfc the login process is like this.

PASS <anything>
NICk <nick>
USER <user> <hostname> <servername> :<whois>

Now, if I telnet to scorch 667 (my hostname) it connects and dumps
me at the login bit so...

USER oz scorch scorch :blah blah

JOIN #blah

I then get an error saying "JOIN : Register first"

Now, according to the rfc, if I register with USER twice, I`ll should get
ERROR : already registered.

This isn`t happening. Typing in USER on it`s own gives;
ERROR: not enough parameters ... as per rfc this is correct.

But , USER registering properly seems to have no effect.

Is there something different about this ircd in someway?

I`ve written bots before in C and these worked correct to the rfc.
Something is amiss.


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