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upgraded to hamm! perl prob...

Ok.  I just completely reinstalled Debian.  Pretty smooth.

I let dselect install all the basic pre-selected packages.  All good.

Then I followed the libc5 to libc6 howto to the letter.

I installed the necessary libraries by hand for perl.

Then I ran dselect and pointed the ftp to the hamm dist like it says in
the howto.  I let dselect just run and upgrade the necessary packages.

Well, for some reason perl didn't get installed because it depended on
something else...and then dselect broke.  Well, since dselect's ftp method
already got perl_5.004.04-3.deb for me, I just went and found it and did a
dpkg -i perl_5.004.04-3.deb by hand.  That fixed things.

I think maybe that perl file and whatever else it needs should be added to
the libc5 to libc6 upgrade, to be installed by hand before using dselect.

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