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Re: trashed partitions [was: problems installing

> > 
> > On Tue, 9 Dec 1997 tko@westgac3.dragon.com wrote:

> > > I have a question for you... What happens to the Linux partitions sitting in a
> > > "extended" partition if the extended partition gets accidently _trashed_?
> > > (like from a virus)

> > I assume it does the same thing as trashing a primary partition ... FUBAR
> > 
> > Luck,

> Thanks, the thought here is that if a partition is a primary Linux partition
> rather than a Linux partition sitting in a DOS extended partition, perhaps a
> virus looking for DOS partitions will leave the LINUX partitions alone.
> Whereas, viruses would recognise the extended partition as a DOS partition and
> reek havoc on the DOS, thus trashing any Linux partition residing within.

I set out this morning to zero out some hard disks i'm returning.  I deleted all of the partitions, made single new partitions covering the entire disks, and remounted.  The file systems were intact, and the files were still there, even though the partitions were different sizes.

So maybe you're not fubar if the extended gets trashed; just put a new primary where the linux fs was, and see what you get.


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