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Re: Problem installing Debian 1.3

On Wed, 10 Dec 1997 tko@westgac3.dragon.com wrote:

> Thanks, the thought here is that if a partition is a primary Linux partition
> rather than a Linux partition sitting in a DOS extended partition, perhaps a
> virus looking for DOS partitions will leave the LINUX partitions alone.
> Whereas, viruses would recognise the extended partition as a DOS partition and
> reek havoc on the DOS, thus trashing any Linux partition residing within.
> Thus a rescue floppy might allow you to at least recover Linux.
> Any thoughts on this?
The simpler solution is to not use DOS fsdisk to create partitions for
Linux. (I would argue this on general principles having nothing to do with
DOS virus) I know of at least three instances where the DOS created
partitions weren't even recognized by cfdisk, and in one case cfdisk
reported that the partition was "broken". Removing the DOS created
partitions and replacing them with cfdisk, has always repaired the


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