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Gimp doesn't accept text input

Hi, is anybody else having this problem? The Gimp no longer accepts text
input... I mean, I can't type in text boxes. It may have something to do
with libgtk1, which is something I upgraded before the problem showed up.

Package: gimp	Version: 0.99.14-1

Versions of the packages gimp depends on:
gimp-data-min   Version: 0.99.14-1
xfnt75  	Version: 3.3.1-2
xfnt100 	Version: 3.3.1-2
libc6   	Version: 2.0.5c-0.1
libgtk1 	Version: 971201-1
libjpegg6a      Version: 6a-7
libmpeg1        Version: 1.2.2-1
libpng0g        Version: 0.96-3
xlib6g  	Version: 3.3.1-2
zlib1g  	Version: 1:1.0.4-7.1


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