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Re: questions: Non-internet connected IP Address default ???

Have not done this myself so...

First, IPX and IP can co-exist and Linux "speaks" both.  Again, I don't do
IPX but possibly the Linux capability might aid you in setting this up

No, idea about the hub though.  It should be willing to accept the Linux
box as a valid "novell" machine however.

The IP address "offered" by Linux during installation is one of the
addresses that is designated for "local net" only use.  Internet machines
are supposed to recognize that these addresses should not be promulgated
(this is actually not so much of a problem anymore since most dialup
access is now via dynamic IP assignment).

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On Tue, 9 Dec 1997, David Oswald wrote:

> Hello all ...
> 	I have convinced a client of mine who is novell IPX based to install a
> debian linux machine into their small company. (all they have ever used
> is Novell for file and print shares).
> 	Initially , this new debian machine will be used to serve up internal
> web pages and documentation. There are other tasks to be performed based
> upon my success with the installation of the machine, and related web
> pages. I will be working on this project diligently, as they are
> somewhat apprehensive a free software package that can do all that stuff
> our novell box did, and more for FREE !!!
> 	I will be needing to install TCPIP stacks on their client machines.
> QUESTION: Is their a "generic" ip addressing scheme that should be used
> within this company , since it is not connected in any way to the net.
> Does it even matter? I guess I could use any address I want ...
> QUESTION: I took a quick tour of their offices, and have noticed the hub
> in the closet. The brand - "David Systems", never heard of it myself...
> Will I have any problems passing TCP/IP over this hub? IP and IPX can
> exist together, cant they ??? I don't have any information on this hub
> other than it's name...

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