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RE: XDM seem to hang until I reboot.

> I am a little confused.  If you are running Exceed from an NT box and 
>  connecting to debian, then exceed is the xserver.  You don't need an 
> xserver on the debian box (or even fonts, for that matter).

Humm, let me clearify...  I guess I do not need an xserver, but it 
wants to be installed when you select the xbase.  I will try to 
remove it.  Let me see if that helps.

> If you are also using the window manager on debian, then you have to be 
> using single window mode in exceed.

I have exceed setup so that I do see a single root window (which it 
the backdrop of the xserver, and I have all of my xwindows pop up in 
that one root window.  I can easily minimize it if I don't want to 
look at X.  It has never failed to open exceed and get a list of 
available XDM servers (there is only one).  It is actually exceed's 
chooser that shows up, not debian's.  Once this is selected, they 
next thing should be the Login screen, that never appears.
> I use exceed but I let nt be the window manager.  It's a lot simpler and 
> your mouse clicks and movements don't have to go over the network.

Might be something that I need to look at, but seeing that I do not 
get anything back makes me think something else is hanging other than 
the window manager.  I will make a note to try that. 

> How about a little more detail on the setup...

Most everything should be default.  I callup afterstep from the 
'.xsession' file, and I have made minor modification to .steprc and 
exceed configuration.  Exceed has XDMCP is set to "Broadcast" and 
I have  the IP of the linux box in the xdmcp.txt host file.

I will try removing the Xserver and Xfonts, but if I am not using 
them in the first place, I am going to assume this will not correct 
the problem.


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