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Linux Java (1.1.3) question...

I have a question that has not been asked on the java-linux list, but
has not been answered. So I'm asking here :)

I am running Debian stable, and using the JDK package downloaded from
Hamm. I have had no problems until this...

I'm writing a RMI program. It works on other platforms (Win NT, HP UX).
But when I try to start the server on Linux, I get an AccessException.
According to the docs, an AccessException occurs when the server tries
to register on a remote machine - this is not occuring, I am registering
on my local machine (using the host name that I set, and confirmed using
the gethostname command).

The programs compile fine - they simply don't register.

And yes, I am running rmiregistry &

Any ideas or general comments. If anyone wants to help, I can email some
source code (since it's not completely topical to this list, I won't
post it unless a great number of people ask).


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