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Richard Davies writes:
 > This is a request for some feedback from current and potential users of GPC.
 > I have GPC 2.0 compiled for hamm, built using GCC  The next
 > version of GPC (currently 971001) is in beta, but is already more stable
 > than GPC 2.0.  There seems to be a few possibilities available.  I could
 > package GPC 2.0, GPC 971001 beta, both versions, or wait until GPC 971001
 > beta is released as GPC 2.1.  Let me know your preferences, if any, within
 > the next few of days and I will then decide which course of action to take.

 I'd say package 2.1 beta, into unstable and 2.0 as stable.  Then
update the beta package when GPC get's released.

 I have a few pascal programs, that would be nice to compile on Linux
and I'd want to use 2.1 as it is more complete than 2.0.

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