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Re: xxgdb or ddd

Thank you for your reply:

Firstly, at the command line I enter the following --> xxgdb gdbtst
Following that, the 4 windows open and then close. In the window
where I started the program I get Segmentation Violation. So I don't have
an opportunity to do anything within the debugger.

If I just start xxgdb and try to select the file to debug, following the
selection of the file all the xxgdb window remove themselves from the

The progam that I am running is a simple hello world C program 
which runs fine from the command line.

With respect to the use of the`where' command, I am not familiar with
that command. Can you tell me more.

Thanks Peter

I have used xxgdb before, 
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From: E.L. Meijer (Eric) <tgakem@sg10.chem.tue.nl>
To: debian <debian-user@lists.debian.org>
Date: Tuesday, December 09, 1997 3:44 AM
Subject: Re: xxgdb or ddd

>> Hello all:
>> I'm trying to use xxgdb or ddd to debug a small program.
>> With xxgdb when I attempt to load a program (compiled
>> with the -g option) I get a segmentation fault. When I try
>> to use ddd, I get can't malloc.
>> I there something other than the -g option I must use ?
>The -g option during compiling _and_ linking should be enough.  For g++,
>you could use -gstabs+.
>What exactly did you do in xxgdb?  If you get a segmentation fault while
>running the program, try the `where' command to see where  the program
>was when it crashed.  The debugger will not stop a program from
>crashing, it will (among other things) let you inspect the status of the
>program when it crashes.
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