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Unidentified subject!

> I don't have a modem or network card and I want to install Linux on a 
> clean harddrive I have a rescue disk but I need base  installation disks 
> . See all of the base files I have are on cdrom Which my system will not 
> detect untill I reboot it What can I do??

You can make a small dos partition, and copy the following files in a dir on 
that partition: everything from boot/ dir on your cdrom + base1_3.tgz and 
drv1440.bin from stable/disks-i386 directory on your cdrom.

You can also rawrite the floppy images on floppy disks using rawrite utility 
(int tools/ dir).  You will need to rawrite the following files on the 
floppies:  resc1440.bin, drv1440.bin and base*bin, and then boot with the 
rescue disk in your floppy drive. 

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