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Re: HELP!!!!!!

On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, --- A.T.E. --- wrote:

> O.K. here's the problem ..... I have a laptop and I want to take dos 
> ,windows and all that stuff off and just run a straight Linux system but 
> .........if I do that how can I install Linux on it ? It doesn't have a 
> cd-rom (well it does but it's pcmcia), and all of my Linux stuff is on 
> cd-rom !..................My cd-rom is supported with kernal image 
> 2.0.30 and newer  and I can solve this but my resc1440 disk uses k.image 
> 2.0.29 so I need to get a rescue disk that has 2.0.30.

I'm not sure which CD you have, but in the /disks-i386 directory, there
should be a directory called /special. This directory has both a tecra
kernel and a 2.0.30 kernel directory containing rescue disk images with
these kernels installed.

> The real problem I am having is that without my cd-rom I can't install 
> the base system and it is too large to put on a floppy to install it>
If you haven't already blown away your dos partition, there are image
files in the disks directory for base-1 thru base-5, that, together with a
rescue disk and a drivers disk, are all that you need to install a base
system. To make the cdrom work you will need the pcmcia packages in either
bo-updates or the current ftp archive for bo (which is most likely updated
since your CD was pressed.

> WHAT CAN I DO?????????????

Also, if you still have dos installed and have enough disk space, you
could go to the MSDOS directory and copy the archive to your dos
partition. You would need enough disk to hold that archive (around 300
meg) and still leave room for your Linux partitions. Once you have a base
install, mount the DOS partition and install from there.

> Please respond as soon as possible !!!
pant, pant...sweat, sweat ;-)


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