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Re: Partitioning

Paul, Linux doesn't recognize or even care about "primary" partitions.
"fdisk", "cfdisk", etc. recognize them but only because BIOS deals with
drives and partitions in this fashion.  I guess what I am trying to say is
that Linux does not care a whit about what kind of partition or where it
happens to be located.  OTOH, Lilo, loadlin, and the like have to "care"
since they are using BIOS calls for access.  The reason why there can only
be four primary partitions is due to the design of the PC BIOS.  Even lilo
ignores the DOS, Windoz, OS2, characteristic of "not seeing" the
"inactive" primary partitions (of course OS2 boot manager effectively does

I think where you said "ligical partitions" you meant "logical partitions"
(my own fingers act like they are at least 'half-broke' most of the time
too).  Logical partitions are NOT a problem in Linux.  Now I believe that
the pseudo-filesystem that combines partitions transparently is still a
little on the experimental side and if so might be a bit risky to use.

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On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, Paul wrote:

> hello again, I hope I understand you correctly you want to take a 100 megs
> of your win95 partition and use it with /home to make a grand total of 400
> megs?  or did you want to take my first suggestion and add an additional
> partition of 100megs as /home?  If you can do that but I would not
> recommend that you are getting into ligical partitions and they can run
> into problems.  linux only recognizes 4 primary partitions.  your stuck if
> you want more.  if you want to take 100megs off your win95 partition you
> will need something like partition magic to repartition your drive with
> out losing any of your data.  Hope this helps.
> Paul
> ...

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