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Re: smail won't send mail

On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, Adam Klein wrote:

> On Sun, 7 Dec 1997, Daniel Martin wrote:
> > On Sat, 6 Dec 1997, Adam Klein wrote:
> > 
> > > In the past few days, smail has stopped non-local mail.  It returns a
> > > message from MAILER-DAEMON saying something like 
> > > `551: Have you read DNS + BIND'.  What's going on?
> > > 
> > > Adam Klein
> > > 
> > 
> > (some stuff I said, leading up to a plug for
> > http://www.math.jhu.edu/~martind/mybox.html)
> > 
> > 
> I'm already using the smail setup described on your page, and it
> was working great, until a few days ago.  Thanks.

Ok; hmm...
Well, I'm willing to bet that it's still some change your ISP did.  Try
going through a session "manually":
After ppp is up, see what value you have for visible_name in
/etc/smail/config (when I use $visible_name$ below, I mean for you to use 
this value). Now see what value you have for the smarthost "path"
variable in /etc/smail/routers. (when I use $smarthost$ below, this is
what I mean for you to actually type)

Then do: (the parentheses are instructions)
telnet $smarthost$ 25
(after you get connected and get the greeting beginning with "220")
HELO $visible_name$
(you should get a response beginning with 250)
MAIL FROM: <testing@$visible_name$>
(you should get a 250 response, Sender ok)
RCPT TO: <aklein@scn.org>
(another 250 response, recipient ok)
(You should get a 354 response)
Subject: Testing mail manually
From: testing@test.test.test
To: aklein@scn.org

This is test message text.
(after the line with the period, you should get a 250 response)
(you should get a 221 response and then have the connection close on you)

Now, here's the thing - at some point in this little scenario, you should
get the 551 message that smail keeps complaining about.  Assuming you do,
telling people on the list where the error happens might result in someone
being able to solve your problem.

However, if you don't get the error message, then something's really
screwy, and I'll have to think about how you'd go tracking it down in that

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