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ip-up script in PPP package with 'persist' option

A friend of mine who I recently converted to Debian is encountering a
conceptual problem with the PPP package.

He has a dynamic IP, but wants to keep his connection up as much as
possible. So, since the Debian ppp options file includes the persist
option by default, we thought we were okay. And it does work -- ppp
redials if the connection is lost.

But he also would like to know his new IP when the computer redials,
so I wrote him a quick Perl script to upload his IP in a little HTML
document to his ISP, so he could find his IP from any 'puter with a
web browser.

The problem is, we don't know where to call this script from :) I
tried putting it in the /etc/ppp/ip-up script, which ostensibly is
called whenever ppp brings its connection up, but evidently is not
called with the persist option.

Is this a bug in the PPP package, or a problem in my logic?


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