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Re: dunc pppd configuration script

Richard G. Roberto writes:
> This was supposed to be as generally useful to as many people as
> possible.

Yes. And the most generally useful thing to do for the most people is to
make it easy for them to get a single connection working so that they can
email for help and ftp files.

> It was originally suppose to support slip and diald as well, but I never
> had the chance to get that part developed.

I see no urgent need to add slip support.  Diald may become obsolete when
demand-dialing is debugged, but I think it should have its own config
utility anyway.

> Of course, John may be more comfortable with these elements and add them.

I intend to add demand-dialling support, but probably not using diald.

> ...my users have dialup accounts for home, work, market data, and even
> sometimes private shopping networks.  They currently do this on win95
> themselves (multiple connections support is built in).

Multiple connections aren't hard.  Seperate providers for each user isn't
hard either with 2.3.1.

> It wouldn't require taking over dunc to create a new tool with a more
> limited objective.  I don't think that's what John's after though.

I have multiple objectives, the first of which is to produce a tool that
will allow new Debian users to get on the net without baffling themselves
with the ppp-HOWTO.  At the moment I am just trying to add enough
flexibility to dunc to get it to generate scripts that will work with my
John Hasler
john@dhh.gt.org (John Hasler)
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, WI

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