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two random questions...

Hi everyone-

I have a couple unrelated questions to which I'm hoping someone might
have answers.

First, I've installed APS for my HP DeskJet 682C.  Everything works
wonderfully for PS files, but now when I pipe plain text to the
printer (via lpr), I get output that looks as if it's been rotated to
landscape format and is printed with a smaller font than I'm used to
seeing for plain text output.  (It's almost as if it's been
enscript'ed with the -2r arguments.)  It's only very slightly
annoying, but I'm just curious as to why this is happening.

Secondly, I'm using the ctwm window manager, and I want to have the
pointer warp to newly mapped windows.  For example, if I'm using
Netscape to view a secure document, Netscape puts up a modal warning
dialog box.  I'd like to be able to just hit the Enter key on my
keyboard rather than having to navigate the mouse over to the dialog
box.  Does anyone know how to do this?



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