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sound problem

	After a mighty, epic struggle with some documentation, I have 
deemed myself unworthy to solve this problem (forgive the dramatics...)

	I have a Yamaha 3d Wavetable sound card.  I would like to be able
to use it.  I have compiled sound support into my kernel (though I wouldn't
bet my life that I did it correctly).  I read the Sound.HOWTO, which referred
me to Readme.linux in the sound driver source directory.  I read through
and did a cat /dev/sndstat, which said the directory did not exist.  So I 
ran the soundinstall script at the end of the Readme.linux file.  Again,
I did cat /dev/sndstat, and it says "No suck device".  Now, according to
Readme.linux, I don't have sound support compiled into the kernel.  There
was not an option for Yamaha 3D wavetable cards in make menuconfig, so I 
chose the Yamaha option that was there, hoping it would work.  I guess it

Larry Gariepy

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