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Re: PHP/FI Apache Module

Steve Kostecke wrote:
> Ref: Hamm (Sun Nov 30 22:00:00 UTC 1997), Apache 1.3b3-3, PHP/FI 2.0b10-5
> I'm a bit confused as to how to make Apache use the PHP/FI module.  The
> docs seem to suggest that I must recompile Apache.  ...?
> FWIW I've been able to use php.cgi

Even though this is more heresy from Debian Heretic numero uno.. 

I would recommend grabbing the new version of Apache from their site,
and getting the in progress PHP 3.0 for use with it.  The installation
has been clean up a bit, and the module is now easier to compile for
Apache.  (Not to mention PHP 3.0 now supports many more databases
including Oracle, Sybase, Solid, Adabas D, etc...)

BTW, what version of Apache comes with the Hamm dist?  I haven't
upgraded to it yet (wanting to wait for a little while for sake of

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