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Re: How are .Xdefaults files handled under Debian?

On Fri, 5 Dec 1997, Mark Phillips wrote:

> Hi,
> I added the line:
> xterm.scrollBar:	true
> In a .Xdefaults file to turn on scrollbars automatically on xterms, but X
> seemed to ignore this.  How does Debian deal with Xdefaults?  And where
> can I read about these things?

You've gotten a lot of good info about .Xdefaults or .Xresources but the
answer to your question about how to enable the scroll bar in an xterm is:

XTerm*scrollBar:	on

This info is contained in the xterm man page as is nearly all information
about application specific X resources.  Note the capitalization of the
class name 'XTerm', it is case sensitive.  The man page on 'X' has a lot
of general information about X windows including a section on Resources.
The man page on xrdb would also be pertinent to this.

After you've finished this assignment ...     :)

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