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Problems with jdk1.1.3 and JNI


I am not sure this is the right list for this problem, but I thought someone
might be able to direct me to the right place.  I was hoping the maintainer
for the java package might be able to help.

I am trying out JNI programming using the linux port for jdk1.1.3 and the
new libjava.so file.  I am doing my development on a Debian System, 200 Mhz
Pentium with 32 Megs of RAM.  I have based my code completely after the
example in the Java Tutorials at Javasoft.  I am using the following line to
compile the library (I have never made shared libraries before):

gcc -shared -I/usr2/programs/jdk1.1.3/include -I/usr2/programs/jdk1.1.3/incl
ude/genunix -o libGroup.so javaQ_groups_Group.c

The file libGroup.so is generated without any warnings.  When I go to run
the java program, I get the following message:

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: setegid
   at javaQ.groups.Test.main(Test.java: 7)

The setegid is a function in the Group.java file that was declared native.
The javaQ_groups_Group.c file contains the definition for setegid (which is
only a print("Hello") currently for test purposes).   The Group.java file
(contains the class definition) has the static statement for the loading of
the library.

I have even tried the exact tutorial on JNI programming with the same
results.  I have added the directory with the libGroup.so into the
/etc/ld.so.config file and ran ldconfig.  The library is listed when I run
ldconfig -p.

I have also tried compiling with the "-fpic" flag for gcc with the same

I even went to a Solaris system and tried the save thing.  I get the same
results.  Therefore, I do not believe it has anything to do with my
installation of Debian or the jdk1.1.3 files.  I just do not know what the
problem is or how to go about finding a solution.  Therefore, I have called
upon this group of knowledgeable people.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Richard A. Guay
Network Administrator
ASIC International Inc.

Richard A. Guay
Network Administrator
ASIC International Inc.

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