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Re: SCSI Errors and Resetting

"Eloy A. Paris" <eparis@ven.ra.rockwell.com> writes:
> Probably this does not apply to you or it won't solve your problems
> (because your SCSI controller is different than mine) but I was getting
> SCSI timeouts with 2.0.30 and an Adaptec AHA-2940U with two hard disks
> and one DAT tape unit. I was unable to make it work but all the problem
> went away when I upgraded to 2.0.32. It was just like that: magic. Why
> don't you try going to 2.0.32? It culd happen to you as well...

I have a Buslogic BT-958 and a Buslogic BT-948, and three drives connected.
I saw the same thing running 2.0.31-pre9.  Haven't seen it yet with 2.0.32,
although I've only had it up 3 days.  But, maybe it was a general problem
with SCSI in those kernels.


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