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Re: QPopper "warning"

>> I've been getting the following message in /var/log/messages ever since
>> installed qpopper on my system:
>> Dec  2 13:09:35 inetgw in.qpopper[742]: (v2.2) Unable to get canonical
>> name of client, err = 0

>Interesting. I wouldn't think what you did would fix it. The api for
>name/IP lookup makes it transparent to the program whether /etc/hosts
>or DNS is used. This is all done in the c library (gethostbyname(),

Well, that's what I thought.  That's why I was *totally* suprised when all
of a sudden I wasn't getting those log entries any more.... It took me a
while to track down my changes to figure out what "fixed" it.

>The only weird thing is that the error indicates that the *client's*
>canonical name couldn't be found. I could see the being the case only
>if the users were running a pop client from "main.DN".

And that's why, in causually troubleshooting this problem in the past, I
never considered that the problem was even on the local system....  I
thought it was some NetBIOS thing or something bizarre....   But, things
were working, so I've been ignoring it....

Oh, and the box is not used at the console - no monitor/kb even attached.

Anyway, just thought I'd post and see if anyone had any comments....

Kevin Traas

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