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Documentation of outb() etc.

I'm looking for the documentation of outb() and its friends.

man outb(2) claims to document only the extra info to use outb from user 
space, and refers to outb(9) but I have no section 9.

The IO port programming mini-HOWTO says "There are man pages for these 
macros in reasonably recent releases of the Linux man-pages distribution."

stable/Contents... has nothing more than outb(2).

Where ought I to look next? Any other references to IO port programming 
would also be welcomed, thanks.

David Wright, Open University, Earth Science Department, Milton Keynes MK7 6AA
U.K.  email: d.wright@open.ac.uk  tel: +44 1908 653 739  fax: +44 1908 655 151

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