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Re: SCSI Errors and Resetting

William D. Rendahl wrote:
> Hi,
> First off: _very_ cool list!  Lurking here has been exceedingly helpful.
> We're running Debian 1.3.1 (bo, kernel 2.0.30) on an Intel "Premier
> PCI II" motherboard, with a 90MHz Penti, 32MB, BusLogic BT-948, and
> Quantum Fireball Drive.  Several times a day we get messages on the
> console describing a SCSI error, the system is momentarily frozen,
> and then everything is fine . . .

Whoa.. deja vu.. this is the exact sort of error messages we recieve
here at work... "WD-7000 initialization failed... "  And other assorted
error messages.  For the most part I think they're harmless (We've never
had any problems with our Micropolis SCSI drive..) however, it's truly
strange.. and I'm the sort that just doesn't like miscellaneous errors
popping up, even if they are harmless.

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