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majordomo problem

	I can't seem to get majordomo to work. I don't understand much
about setting uid 's .  The following transcript is an example of what
happens when I try to use it.  I tried looking at man pages on sendmail,
exim, and several docs on majordomo.  I searched debian bug reports and
web and usenet archives.  Anyone have an idea ?
	If you find the anwer, you can win a free copy of my fvwmconf

homey 4 > echo 'lists' | mail majordomo@homey
homey 5 > 1997-12-03 14:21:43 0xdMEn-0000Dj-00 Neither the system_aliases
director nor the a
ddress_pipe transport set a uid for local delivery of
|/usr/lib/majordomo/wrapper majordomo 

G John Lapeyre
Tucson,AZ     http://www.physics.arizona.edu/~lapeyre

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