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Re: Hardware ?

> Hi,
> 	I have been very happy with Buslogic BT-958 Ulstra (Fast-20)
>  Wide controller. The so called SCSI-3 defines a 68-pin 2-Byte wide
>  connector (and cable); SCSI-2 has a 50 pin (1Byte/8bit wide)
>  connector and cables. You can attach a scsi2 8bit device on an ultra
>  controller (that's how my exabyte 8700 tape is attached) *provided*
>  you get a scsi2-scsi3 adaptor. 

That's a wide-to-narrow adapter, not a scsi3-scsi2 adapter (it doesn't 
reduce the command set, nor the timing).  You can run narrow devices on 
a wide cable provided you use an adapter, downward compatible (scsi3, 
scsi2, scsi1).

Some scsi host adapters have narrow and wide connectors, thus you can 
run both wide and narrow devices without adapters on different cables 

For narrow devices, there was no change in the connector pinout, 
however scsi-3 wide has that new connector Monaj mentions.  The maximum 
distance between connectors for ultra devices was reduced notably due 
to the tighter specifications required by the faster timing.  There's a 
usenet scsi group with a faq which goes into much more detail.


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