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QPopper "warning"

I've been getting the following message in /var/log/messages ever since I
installed qpopper on my system:

Dec  2 13:09:35 inetgw in.qpopper[742]: (v2.2) Unable to get canonical
name of client, err = 0

Everything works fine, but I always get that message - filling up the log

Anyway, I finally found the solution to this problem....

All clients on my LAN are retrieving mail from mail.<dn> which is
resolvable via DNS and is the same system as inetgw (identified in log
entry above).  (named is also on this same box, fwiw.)

Anyway, I solved this problem by adding an entry for "mail mail.<dn>" in
/etc/hosts.....  Now, no more log entries....

Can anyone tell me why qpopper couldn't resolve the mail.<dn> name via DNS
and requires an entry in /etc/hosts?  Design limitation?

Kevin Traas

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