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HP printer and printcap


I have just installed a new HP 6L printer. It works fine under Windows. It
works under DEbian but only reacts when text files are sent to it. When ps
or dvi files are sent it does nothing. I am using the ljet4l-filter but
otherwise changed nothing in my printcap which worked fine with a bubble
jet printer. Can someone please describe their setup with this or a
similar printer. I would like to have a printcap file  example if
possibke. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am really desperate
here because I have deadlines by tomorrow and can't print Please help !

George Kapetanios
Churchill College
Cambridge, CB3 0DS    E-Mail: GK205@cus.cam.ac.uk
U.K.                  WWW: http://garfield.chu.cam.ac.uk/~gk205/work_info.html

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