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Soundblaster 16 PnP: Newbie Installation Success! (sort of)

I am a newbie who was trying to install Debian from a CD-ROM that was
attached to a Soundblaster 16 PnP card. The problem: when I ran dselect,
I could never give it an answer to "block device name" that would find
my CD-ROM, so I was unable to get information off of the CD.

My solution: 
- I opened the computer case. 
- I found the cable connecting the CD-ROM drive to the Soundblaster
- I disconnected the cable from the card and connected it to one of the
IDE interfaces on my motherboard (on my old motherboard, I suppose I
would have connected it to the hard drive controller card).
- (I did some minor tinkering with the BIOS, but I don't think it was
- (I checked to make sure that Windows 95 was still working properly
with this set up; it was.)
- I reinstalled the Debian base system on my hard drive.
- When I ran dselect, and it asked for block device name, I entered:
	/dev/hdb  (failure)
	/dev/hdc  (failure)
	/dev/hdd  (SUCCESS!)

I now have the default Debian installation on my hard disk.

I realize that this was a clumsy, inelegant, klugy solution, and that
the Debian wizards (among whom I hope to be someday) will probably have
a good laugh about it, but it did work for me, and it might work for
some of the other newbies who have their CD-ROM attached to a
Soundblaster PnP. If all else fails, give it a try.

Obviously, I cannot play audio CD-ROMs with this set up, but I would
rather install and play with Debian GNU Linux than to play CDs on my

I hope this helps some other frustrated newbies out there.

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