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Re: Pentium II supported?

Richard L Shepherd wrote:
> This may be a dumb question, but here goes:
> Do Pentium II chip machines run Linux?  For instance the kernel build
> procedure (e.g. make xconfig) only has options for up to Pemtium Pro
> machines, which may be just a case of someone not having got-around-to
> putting the options in yet, or is there a bigger reason like "it doesn't
> go yet"?

The options in configuring your linux kernel just deal with processor
specific optimizations.  Effectively all they do is tell gcc what
processor to optimize for.  You could compile a 386 kernel to run on
your Pentium pro, but it probably wouldn't gain you anything.

In other words, the x86 line is backwards compatible.  Linux should
pretty much run on any 80x86 processor.

However, if you need more proof that Linux runs on a Pentium II... I'm
writing this on a Pentium II running Linux, so go for it!


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