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Re: (off topic)Re: crypting a whole filesystem or directory?

>Of course anyone can also just delete the whole partition and destory
>everything..  but usually isn't as useful.

When deciding to encrypt the filesystem, the above is the *very* least of
your worries.    The whole point of encrypting it is to keep it's contents
"secret".  Nuking the partition is a good way to do that....

I'm working the idea over of encrypting one of my systems this way because
of it's sensitive contents.  I have the system in a secure area, I keep the
backup tapes secure, but with the current system, there's no security if
someone is able to walk away with the box.  Access is too easy.  Because I
have backups, I have absolutely not a care in the world about what happens
to that system if someone were to steal it.  I'd be very happy if the drive
got wiped clean....


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