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Re: URGENT: writing Win95 Compatible ISO Images

On Wed, 26 Nov 1997, Sven Goldt wrote:

> Why do you answer that question ? 

It's just the way I am ;-)

I touch type at about 60 words per minute, so it is as easy to actually
answer the question as it is to belittle the user.

If that guy would read the manual
> he would have seen these options.

If you mean "read the man pages", then, while I agree, in principle, that
these options are in the manual, that same manual gives very little
contextual information. I find man pages useful for reminding me about
syntax and correct option "spelling" and use, but when I don't know how to
use something, often its man page only confuses me more.

While there are, I am certain, other documents that would provide this
information, the lack of a comprehensive index makes finding it without
help a daunting task. When I can provide better sources for information
than the man pages, I do so. When I can't, and I am able to answer the
question, I do that instead.

> You even don't have to use options to create a 8.3 file system
> that can be read by ANY OS.

That is quite a sweeping statement...


Thanks, I'll keep that in mind ;-) 


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