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Re: partioning disk when running windows 95

butch wrote:

> Hi,
> i have the floppies and i am getting ready to partion disk using fips and
> cfdisk. well i ahve started and even when going to a dos mode it seems that
> a win 95 is a hostile machine. i used fips and now i see that part of my
> disk has an unreconiable format.
> does anyone have ideas?
> allan

If you are viewing your partition table under Win95 this is normal as Win95
does not recognize Linux partition types (neither does DOS FDISK for that
matter).  The only important thing is that you can still use cfdisk to
partition the space you freed up with FIPS as Linux.

Remember, FIPS non-destructively repartitions the drive, so in essence it
shrinks the size of an existing OS partition leaving the free portions without
a partition type at all.  To use this space you MUST use a Linux fdisk to
partition the free space, Win95 and DOS will not be able to see the partition
and even after repartition the space with a Linux FDISK, they will still report
the partition type as unknown.

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