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RE: xterm

Hi Zach;

You have received a number of good answers to your question but I did 
not notice anyone telling you some of the really basic stuff (that I 
admit you might already know).  Do a "ls -A" in your home directory 
(which you can get to from anywhere by doing a "cd" without any 
arguments) and see if you already have a file named ".Xresources".  Edit 
(or create) this file with an editor (vi, ae, or whatever).  In that 
file make two entries:
Take a look at the xterm man page (man xterm).


Zach wrote:
   Is there any way to change the colors of Xterm?  mine defaults to
black on white (which gets really annoying when you telnet to a
machine using really light ansi colors), and I would rather have it
white on black..


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