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YANQ (Yet another newbie question...)

I hope I didn't send this out twice...

I'm new to unix (let alone debian) and I can't seem to figure out two
problems (which I think are related...)

1) Where do I put programs (daemons) that I want to automatically
startup, ie., what is the "Autoexec.bat" file of the unix world? I
looked in .bashrc and .bash_profile, which seem to set a lot of
enivronment variables, but I don't se if you can put programs in this.

In particular, I need to startup my postgres postmaster daemon no matter
what account you're logged in as...so I need a system-wide init file.

2) I'm using Fvwm2 and FvwmButtons...and I must be doing somehting
wrong. I can start my StarOffice applications from the command line (ie.
swriter3 &) but the `Exec "" swriter3` command attatched to FvwmButtons
or a menu don't seem to work...I'm wondering - are the enivronment
variables (there are many for StarOffice) visible to fvwm2, and if not,
how can I make it so? (I've set the variables in both .bashrc and

Sorry for the certainly simple questions, but I can't seem to find the
answers in the simple FAQ I found...

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