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Re: PPP Dialup

On Tue, 25 Nov 1997, Andrew Akins wrote:

> I was wondering what people use for handling their PPP dialups. I've
> been using simple pppd, which works well. But, it has no feedback - I
> have to simply wait, and run ps to see if it makes the connection. What
> tools or programs (if any) would provide more information/feedback? I'm
> running X, so an x-based tool or program would be cool...

Try diald,  the auto-ppp-dialer.  It sets up a proxy thingie so that
whenever you try to use a net-needing app (eg. telnet,  ftp, netscape)
your ppp line gets dialed.  Works great,  very customizeable,  available
as a debian package,  etc...


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