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ld.so linking conflict

When trying to link using libc6 and tcl8, I can no longer include "-ldl" on
the link line without getting an error.  If I have

	[...] -ltcl8.0 -lm -lnsl

then it links okay.  If I have

	[...] -ltcl8.0 -lm -lnsl -ldl

then I get the warning:

ld: warning: libdl.so.2, needed by /usr/lib/libtk8.0.so, may conflict with libdl.so.1

I have been unable to find where this "libdl.so.1" is coming from since the
"dl" libraries are:

  dragon:/usr/lib> ll libdl*
  -rw-r--r--   1 root    6990 Oct  5 01:16 libdl.a
  lrwxrwxrwx   1 root      20 Nov 24 13:56 libdl.so -> ../../lib/libdl.so.2*

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

                                 ( bcwhite@verisim.com )

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