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Yamaha CDrecorder 400tx


  I'd like to know has anyone here used the Yamaha CD Recorder 400tx
  with Adaptec 2940 scsi control under Debian/Linux to record files

  I've just purchased the recorder and try out the command:
    $ cdwrite --eject 
  and the kernel/Adaptec driver kept printing out of a lot of message
  concerning the timeout on the CDrecorder device.

  I checked the dmesg and found out that the Adaptec 2940 driver
  printed out something like:

     "...Refuse to synchronize,  enabling Asynchronous transfer instead..."

  on the CD recorder drive.

  Any idea/suggestion,  please reply and HELP!  Thanks!

         --------------------  Timothy C. Phan (tphan@asl.dl.nec.com)
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