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Problems with xfig and suggestion considering transfig

	Hi all!

I have a big problem with my xfig. Everything works fine until I press the 
"T" icon to enter some text. This causes the xfig to hang. All I can do is
to kill it. Additionally I can't do it by selecting the "Kill" from the 
window's menu. If I run xfig from the xterm, pressing the ^C doesn't help
either - I have to kill the xterm session from which the xfig was
Did anybody experience such a problem?
I have downgraded to the version from old "rex" distribution and
everything works fine, but it's not the best solution.

					Wojtek Zabolotny

PS. BTW Why transfig is distributed with fig2dev compiled without DVIPS
option? I think that this option is really necessary if someone is going 
to import xfig's graphics into Latex. Is there any reason for disabling
this option in the binary package?
(I'm just tired of necessity of downloading the source, editing it
and recompiling after each upgrade.)

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