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Re: Netscape Communicator

>hi randy,no there is no .deb package to install communicator. what
>you do [...]
ah, but there is one (if you look in unstable):

Package: netscape4
Status: install ok installed
Priority: optional
Section: contrib/web
Installed-Size: 33
Maintainer: Brian White <bcwhite@pobox.com>
Version: 4.0-6
Replaces: netscape, netscape3, netscape-beta
Provides: netscape, www-browser, news-reader, mail-reader
Depends: xpm4.7, motifnls, ldso (>= 1.8.0-0), libc5 (>= 5.4.0-0), libc6, libg++27 (>=, xlib6 (>= 3.3-0), xpm4.7 (>= 3.4g-0)
Recommends: mime-support
Conflicts: netscape, netscape-beta
Description: Popular World-Wide-Web browser software (installer)
 Netscape (pronounced "Mozilla") is a graphical World-Wide-Web browser
 with many features.  It supports advanced features of HTML and new
 technologies such as "Java" from Sun Microsystems.
 Netscape Communications Corporation does not allow redistribution of
 their software.  Therefore, this package requires the user to fetch
 the netscape archive seperately and place it in the directory pointed
 to by the TMPDIR environment variable (or /tmp if TMPDIR not defined)
 before attempting to install this package.  You can get the linux
 packages via anonymous ftp from "ftp.netscape.com".

it has a bogus dependency on libc6, but you can get dpkg to ignore
that so you can install it on a libc5 system.


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