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RE: Issues with libc6-deV install over libc5 stuff.

On Sun, 23 Nov 1997, George Bonser wrote:

> Grab the howto on upgrading to libc6 and pay PARTICULAR attention to the very
> last item on the document.  You will DOWNGRADE libc5 to a version that does not
> conflict, load libc6, get rid of your current *-dev packages, install the
> libc6-dev and get the libc5-dev and other -dev's from unstable that have a
> slightly different name that I can not remember right now.

Actually, you'll UPGRADE libc5 to a version that places some files in
other places to be able to coexist with libc6. This version depends on
libc6, so read the mini-HOWTO for details on this.

The libc6 *-dev packages are mostly named *g-dev, like the library
packages that have been renamed from lib* to lib*g. The libc5 *-dev
packages have been renamed to *-altdev. If you upgrade to a libc6 system
you will have to upgrade many packages like locales, *-dev, gcc and many
other things.

But, if you just follow the libc5-libc6-mini-howto you'll get there
without any serious trouble.


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