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Re: Introduction for new users

On Sun, 23 Nov 1997, Oliver Elphick wrote:
> Today a new user was asking for basic help in using Linux.  There doesn't
> seem to be anything like that on the CD-rom, unless my copy is out-of-date.
> I attach a document that might serve as a brief introduction, that could
> be added to the files on the CD.  Would anyone like to suggest additions:

The official effort to write something like this is called the Debian
User's Manual, and it would be great if you could help with that.

I'm writing a chapter on files, and I'd like to steal some bits from
your document if I could. You can see my rough development chapter
Info on the User's Manual as a whole can be found by following the Debian
Documentation Project link from the Documentation section of

Anyway, if you're into writing documentation I'd encourage you to help
us out with the User's Manual. There are only a few people working on it 
so far.

Havoc Pennington

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