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Re: Low speed response w/ Logitech Trackball

On Sat,22.Nov 1997 at 10:44:36 +0100, Pancho Horrillo wrote:
> Hi!
 Hi Pancho,

> 	I use a Logitech Trackball (Marble), attached to PS/2 port, and i
> cannot get it work fast enough in X, so my thumb gets really tired... Is
> there any way to change the responsiveness in X ? I know how to do it w/
 The Logitech Trackball (Marble) is really not very fast under X.
 But I think it has nothing to do with the PS/2 port.
 You can chaneg the mouse-speed and many other things with the xset program.
 Take a look at man xset, parameter "m".
 For the first step you can try "xset m 5" or "xset m 6".
 This should fast enough.
 You can find xset in the xbase Package, so you should have it.
------------------------------  man xset -------------
        m       The  m  option controls the mouse parameters.  The
               parameters for the mouse  are  `acceleration'  and
               `threshold'.  The acceleration can be specified as
               an integer, or as a simple fraction.   
> Other possible option could be attaching the trackball at a COM port, but
> it is a bad one for me, because i would need an adaptor.
  You don't need it, see above.
> Please, help me to throw away DOS from my life...  :-)
   A good idea.

Hope it helps.

Greetings   Ekkehard

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