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Re: [Q] defrag

Christian Leutloff <leutloff@sundancer.oche.de> writes:

> > Try using ex2defrag (I am assuming you are using a linux native FS)
> Have you used this tool? Is it working for you? Has it crashed
> (itself, the system)? Where should I'm be careful??

I once run the e2defrag and it worked well.  I had no crash or
something while running, of course I made a backup before.  It only
works on unmounted partition and therefore you need either a boot disk
or another linux partition (I have a 100 MB resue partition just in
case) on your hard disc.

You have to be careful all the time, if something prevent the program
to complete its meta data update your partition will be broken in some
way.  If I remember correctly it works like the dos utilities: reading
some piece of data, writing it to some other place, verifying
everything, updating the meta data.  MAKE A BACKUP before running it,
or don't run it at all (*).

(*) Some people say that defrag is contra productive for a ext2
    partition.  I don't know if they are true.


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