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Re: tar, cpio, or cp?

> Does anyone know the best way to copy a huge directory tree (~1Gig)
> to another disk (mounted at some point)? I need to preserve the
> ownerships and permissions, preservation of times are optional.
> I am aware of 3 ways: 
> tar cpfl - dir1 | tar -C dir2 -xpf -
> find dir1 -xdev -print | cpio -p -admu dir2
> cp -ax dir1 dir2
> Which one is considered to be safer, faster, etc?

A technique that I use on a regular basis to copy from one partition 
to another is the following:

...say i want to copy my root directory to a new harddrive that I 
have now mounted on /mnt.  I have a /home mount and a /usr mount and 
I don't want to touch those.

one the dest. drive is mounted

find / -xdev -depth -print | cpio -pvdumB /mnt

It is quick, safe, keeps permissions, blah...blah!  I have used it 
quite a bit!

Hope it helps.

--Jay Barbee

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