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Re: question seeing background process

On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, Paul wrote:

> Hi everybody, I had a little trouble finding what to say in the subject
> line.  But here goes nothing.  I put a process in the background with the
> &.  Now I want to look at what it is doing.
> ie I am running hardcrack and I put it in the background and I want to see
> what it is doing.  hardcrack&.  Can I see what it is doing? Is there a way
> to bring the process out of the background.  I hope you all undstand me.
> I've use ps but that is not what i want.  If you need more information
> please email me.  Thank you very much in advance.

Well, lets see...first, when you started hardcrack &, there should have
been a message that assigned a number to the process. You can use this
number to bring that process back into the forground  with 'fg #' where #
is the number you recieved when you started it.

I'm not totally sure that it will be at all useful, but top will show you
such a background process.

Hope this helps,

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