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Re: Proposal on PPP

On Tue, 18 Nov 1997, A. M. Varon wrote:

> Hi,
> [Hope some developers are listening.]
> Could it be possible that all default windows manager in debian have an
> Icon pointing to xisp (a graphical dialer, used to interface pppd/chat.)?
> It's very easy to setup even for a newbie.
> I think almos 30% of the traffic in the deban-user mailing lists concerns
> about PPP.
> Redhat has an implementation in it's xconfigurator( sort of like a control
> panel.), and the dialer of redhat is easy to use.
> Could it be done also to debian?

About a year an a half ago, Bruce requested that someone
write an ash script that used dialog to help guide a user
through setting up a ppp connection.  The idea was to have
something that could potentially fit on the boot floppy,
giving people the ability to obtain only one floppy, and
download the rest of the OS over the ppp link.  It was good
idea, but I was the only one who bit.

Actually, at first there were for or five people interested
in working on it, but by the time I transfered out here, I
was the only one left.  This was the first time I ever
attempted to write an application for other people to use,
so it was pretty rough.  The package is dunc.  It's since
been rewritten and works a lot better than the original,
though it still suffers from my inexperience, and the fact
that its written in ash (IMO).  Since its never been useful
enough for anyone to say "Hey, look what we have on our boot
floppy" (it never even made to a boot floppy, in fact), I
decided that it really wasn't important enough to pursue
actively.  I do plan on rewriting it in perl, but it will
not use dialog, since the install program no longer uses it.
I don't know what the install program will use, so I'm not
sure that dunc should be bound to its original constraints

I'm also aware of a number of pretty good X based PPP setup
tools, and would be happy to hear that debian had adopted
one as its default X based PPP configuration tool, but we do
still need a terminal based tool, in my view.  I'm a bit
behind in the PPP world at the moment, and was never an
expert in any case, so I'm still perfectly willing to
abandon dunc in favor of a better tool, or turn it over to a
different maintainer.  There doesn't seem to be too many
interested parties though.

Anyway, please give dunc a try, and let me know about any



"Until we extend the circle of our compassion to all living 
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Richard G. Roberto

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