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Re: PAP & PPP, take 3


> From the log you included in your message I see that another peer
> does not respond to anything except echo-requests. I don't know what
> stage you are on though, could you please send the complete log.
> (I don't see, for example, how pap authorization came through)

here's /etc/ppp.chatscript.
""           ATDT113,86632280

and /etc/ppp.options_out

defaultroute /dev/modem 38400 persist

and /etc/ppp/pap_secrets

# This is a pap-secrets file to be used with the AUTO_PPP function of
# mgetty-0.99 is preconfigured to startup pppd with the login option
# will cause pppd to consult /etc/passwd after a user has passed this
# Dont be disturbed therfore by the fact that this file defines logins
# any password for users. /etc/passwd will catch passwd mismatches.
# This file should block ALL users that should not be able to do
# AUTO_PPP bypasses the usual login program so its necessary to list all
# system userids with regular passwords here!
# ATTENTION: The definitions here can allow users to login without a
# password if you dont use the login option of pppd!
# The /etc/ppp/options file installed has the login option enabled

# INBOUND connections

# Every regular user can use PPP and has to use passwords from
*	nest.econ	""

# UserIDs that cannot use PPP at all. Check your /etc/passwd and add any
# other accounts that should not be able to use pppd!
guest	nest.econ	"*"	-
master	nest.econ	"*"	-
root	nest.econ	"*"	-
support	nest.econ	"*"	-
stats	nest.econ	"*"	-

# OUTBOUND connections

# Here you should add your userid password to connect to your providers
# pap. The * means that the password is to be used for ANY host you
# to. Thus you do not have to worry about the foreign machine name. Just
# replace password with your password.
# If you have different providers with different passwords then you
# remove the following line.

hawk	*    password

i'm sorry about any formatting problems; i'm having to do this throught
windows' telnet on a bad connection to get textinsert.  most featurs and
escape sequnces are missing, and there's a minute-long lags attimes. . .

are these all of the files?  I haven't found an y file with a PASSIVE as
john suggested.


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