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Re: re-thinking partitions

On Mon, 17 Nov 1997 11:17:51 GMT Otavio Exel (oexel@economatica.com.br
) wrote:

> > > > > - are symlinks really fast?
> > > >Quite, except on NFS.
> > > could you be more specific? could you describe a situation where
> > > symlinks would slow-down things and a possible solution eliminating
> > > thesymlink?
> > Normally, no NFS data is cached on the client, which means that for
> > a small file, accessed via a symlink, the time to get the file will
> > be twice, because the server will be contacted once to resolve the
> > symlink, and a second time to access the file. This can get quite
> > slow if you've got bad latency.
> > Solution: don't use symlink forests on NFS exported volumes.
> why not have symlink resolving done by the server? AFAIK there's
> no need for the client to know about symlinks!

You probably don't want this:
 o you want to have readlink()
 o you don't want rm -r automatically follow symlinks on NFS partitions
 o etc... etc...
This is not a good idea...


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